Trips for Schools - Heraldry from the Portland Collection


Tudor Heraldry Fabric Printing Workshop

Wednesdays & Fridays

This brand new workshop for pupils in KS1 & 2 considers heraldic devices and symbols used in the Tudor and Stuart era.

The session will start with a visit to the Portland Collection Museum to see our brand new exhibition, ‘Unseen Treasures’. Students will learn about the coats of arms and badges which were used by the Tudors and Stuarts, and discover the origins of these devices. Looking closely at the artwork in the museum, children will identify the Tudor Rose, the royal standard of Charles II, and the coats of arms of members of the nobility.

After this, students will take part in a practical workshop in our purpose-built education studio. Pupils will design their own heraldic devices and coats of arms, paying attention to the symbolic meanings behind their choices.

Pupils will create their own stamps featuring their own heraldic designs, and will use these to print onto fabric, creating their own standards and flags.

By participating in this workshop, pupils will:

  • Develop awareness of heraldic symbolism in the Tudor/Stuart period and think about how this was used to communicate certain ideas.
  • Learn about significant historical events and people, including how several aspects of national history are reflected in the locality. (History Curriculum for KS1 & KS2).
  • Understand historical and cultural development of art. (Art & Design Curriculum for KS1 & KS2).
  • Produce creative work and explore their ideas (Art & Design Curriculum for KS1 & KS2).
  • Use a range of materials creatively and develop a range of art and design techniques (Art & Design Curriculum for KS1 & KS2).

Booking Information

For children in KS1 & KS2 with curriculum links to Art & History

09:30 – 12:30pm

Selected Wednesdays & Fridays during term-time

£3 per child