Create a Collage

1 hr activity

You will need:

  • Old magazines / comics / catalogues
  • Plain paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen
  • Pom poms / glitter / paint / sequins etc (optional)

Create a Collage

Collage based on the work of Danielle Krysa

Who is Danielle Krysa?

Danielle Krysa is a storyteller as much as an artist. She creates visual stories using collaged found images then adds paint, glitter or pom poms.

Take a look at her work here

  1. Look through the old magazines etc. and look for images that you like or think will work together or make you laugh. The funnier the better. Look out for headlines or titles of articles that are strange or make you laugh. Collect a good selection to work with. Remember you can always cut bits of pictures out, or add extra bits, like swapping heads or clothes.
  2. You can either work using the headline as a title for your work and find images that work with it or find the images that you want to use and find a headline that works with it. Either way layout the images and the text you want to use. Try arranging them in different ways until you’re happy with how they look.
  3. Glue everything down. Add any extra drawing, paint or added sparkles you may be inspired to use.
  4. Your headline will become its title or you can add your own long story like title.

Beware these can become addictive!

Extension Activities

• Try drawing your collage, or a small part of it or use as a starting point for another picture.

• Collect headlines and put in a pot. Pull one at random and use as a drawing prompt.