Feather Wreath Making

1 hr activity

This activity is inspired by the exhibition Dichotomy by Kate MccGwire.

Make your own feather wreath from paper and decorate your space.

You will need:

Paper in different colours
A sheet of card

Step 1

Draw feather outlines on your coloured paper.

Step 2

Cut out your paper feathers.

Step 3

Fold your paper feathers lengthways.

Step 4

Draw two circles on your card, one inside the other to create a ring. You can use a dinner plate and a side plate as templates.

Step 5

Cut out your cardboard ring.

Step 6

Glue your feathers to your ring to create your wreath.

Why not add some extras to the feather wreath? Can you add some colors to the feathers or decorate with natural objects that you have collected?