Emma Thorpe

Singer/songwriter and photographer, Emma Thorpe takes inspiration from the North Nottinghamshire landscape. Towering pylons, cooling towers and coal fields provide a backdrop for her deeply personal music and imagery.

Emma has released two EP’s, Red Dust (2010) and Merle (2018). She frequently collaborates with Torn Sail as a writer and a performer, appearing alongside Michael Chapman (RIP) and duetting with Mark Lanegan (RIP) on the song Ricochets. Her song Bible was remixed by acclaimed producer Fabian Dikof in 2023. 

Other projects include The Low Drift, a trio formed to write music about the myths and memories of the British landscape. Thorpe also created a series of photographs to accompany their first album release. And, Nine Voices, a vocal-only ensemble to be released on the Dalia label. E.R. Thorpe’s latest self-titled EP was released on the Cwm Saerbren label, as a vinyl-only run. 

She signed to Vicious Charm Records in August 2023 and is currently recording an album.

Contact Us

Record Label – www.theviciouscharm.com
Email – emmaruththorpe@gmail.com
Instagram – @e.r.thorpe