Louise Presley

A close up of artist Louise Presley

Artist and designer, Louise Presley is a gatherer of antique garments, vintage textiles and a rescuer of the random.

Working solely with materials that are sensitive to the environment she makes one-off garments, accessories and artwork that have purpose and meaning. As a fashion designer in the eco-friendly 90s, Louise Presley grounds her work in ethical values. She employs traditional skills and time-worthy techniques to counterbalance wasteful consumption. Her style is vernacular, intergenerational and appeals to those interested in a good back story.

In 2014 The Harley Foundation granted Louise the inaugural £5,000 Studio Award. The Award was set up to reward the work and dedication of the studio artists based there.

*As the founder of Hope & Elvis she returned to full-time making in 2018.

Historically I’m a gatherer of emotive objects, discarded garments and textiles. I am drawn to the really ordinary and the incidental. I am wired to rescue but temper this through dissection. I am not driven by sentimentality but fear. Releasing the cloth by ripping and hacking is a dynamic action and I am able to control the new narrative. I create my own version of events once I have established concrete ground.

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