Michelle Reader

Michelle Reader has been working with reclaimed and unusual materials since 1997, creating unique figurative sculptures from household waste and found objects. The central theme to her work is the natural world and the impact we have on it as human beings.

Michelle Reader

Due to her interest in theatre and interactive installations, Michelle’s sculptures are playful and characterful, inviting discovery and interaction.  Her projects include educational workshops for galleries, schools, community groups, businesses and arts organisations, and she has created work for a variety of companies including Wild Rumpus, Bamboozle Theatre Company, Hubbub, the Port of London Authority, the National Space Centre, Green Hustle Festival and The Canal and River Trust.

The Art Trail features two commissioned horse sculptures by Michelle Reader, which you can find in the Courtyard.

"I love the unpredictability of discarded objects, and the inventiveness necessary to transform them into a sculpture. The medium is a big part of the message, so the materials I use vary widely. Finding ways to combine and transform existing objects has meant that I’ve developed an eclectic range of techniques. This is not only in order to join dissimilar materials, but also increasingly to find ways of joining that are reversible, meaning materials can potentially be reused or recycled again and again."

Michelle Reader

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Phone – 01909 480 385
Email – talk@michelle-reader.co.uk
Website –  www.michelle-reader.co.uk

Image credits: Richard Edwards and Samuel Binstead