Urban Projections

A close up of artist Bec Smith of Urban Projections

Urban Projections is the work and collaborations of Artist Rebecca Smith. She creates multi-sensory experiences for audiences which combine physical and digital technologies.

Rebecca’s practice centres around the natural environment, and our place within it. Her process and output seek to reaffirm our connection to nature. As a result, it has a beauty and depth of simplicity. Through a shared experience, audiences are subtly invited into action, discovering a positive reconnection with both the natural world and each other. This fascination with how we connect drives much of her work, as she believes it is through experiences like this that we can encourage perspective and behavioural shifts.

Digital Media

Urban Projections’ work has been viewed in prestigious venues throughout the UK and internationally, such as The Saatchi Gallery, Tate, The Royal Academy of Arts and The Royal Albert Hall. However, Rebecca’s work is equally at home on the streets and in unusual outdoor locations. With a heavy influence of street art culture, and a love of abandoned sites and objects, she uses forgotten spaces as a canvas for much of her work. Her process seeks to discover new, and original, ways of presenting digital media for audience interaction, pushing the boundaries of creative possibility and pioneering new approaches to mixed media application. Above all, her work always remains accessible to its audience, regardless of the intricacy of its design.

With over twenty years of experience as a professional audio-visual performer, Rebecca has led high-quality, cross-boundary projects, workshops, and seminars at both educational institutions and within the community. Sharing her enthusiasm and passion for arts and technology she actively encourages new and creative ways of exchanging new media practice. Rebecca is an active advocate for the encouragement of women and the LGBTQ+ community in the arts, and technology.

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