Adam Frew


Adam Frew creates functional porcelain pieces and large one-off pots, decorated with gestural marks and layered glazes.

Adam’s popular ceramics have been stocked in our shop since 2009, and he has had several solo exhibitions at the Harley Gallery including Form and Function in 2018 and Drawing and Pots in 2013. We have loved seeing Adam’s work evolve over the last 15 years – his work continues to be a customer favourite and is always available in our shop.

Based in rural Northern Ireland, his work takes inspiration from the coastline. Adam throws in porcelain, using the surface of this bright white clay as a canvas for spontaneous and gestural decoration.

“I enjoy the spontaneity of throwing and the speed of production. I seek to reflect this energy in my mark making. My work is continually progressing, particularly the decorative aspect. I am striving for the overall surface to have a sense of movement that draws the eye across the piece. Recently I’ve been exploring a relief element to the decoration which interrupts and directs the flow of the glaze in interesting ways.”