Margo Selby


Margo Selby is one of Britain’s most successful weavers. She combines a career in hand-woven fabrics with designing for the mass marketplace.

Each of her designs begins in her sketchbook before being translated into technical drawings, then hand woven on a dobby loom in her studio. When finished her industry designs are then manufactured by specialist weaving mills.

“I am interested in the relationship between myself and the machine, hand and industry, craft and technology. The orderly nature of weaving is reflected in the developing designs which are primarily driven by colour, the force behind all of my work. I enjoy the infinite effects of subtle hues and tones that can be explored when blending colour in a piece of weaving.”

Margo’s cushions and scarves have a committed following of collectors in our Gallery Shop. Not least the staff who often cannot resist another cushion when new deliveries arrive!