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Caring for your Classical Guitar

Meet + Make with Richard Hartley
12 March + 13 March 2024

Learn how to care for your classical guitar from expert guitar maker Richard Hartley.

Richard Hartley makes classical guitars for a living and is passionate about guitar care and upkeep. In these 45-minute sessions, Richard will answer all of your questions and help you change the strings of your classical guitar.

You will need to bring your guitar to the session, as well as a new set of strings. Please note, that classical guitars and acoustic steel string guitars are different – and this session is specifically for classical guitars.

This workshop is part of Meet + Make, a series of public engagement events running alongside our contemporary exhibition Work Life: Life’s Work.

Meet the Tutor

Richard Hartley

Richard Hartley designs and makes classical guitars. He has a background in cabinet making, restoration and woodcarving and studied at The Newark School of Guitar Making.

In 2014 he was awarded the Most Outstanding Contribution to Musical Instrument Craft from Nottinghamshire County Council. Richard works from his Harley Foundation Studio on the Welbeck Estate.


Top image: credit Samuel Binstead

Booking Information

Tuesday 12 March

Wednesday 13 March

Tickets for this session are Pay What You Think: choose from £3, £5, and £10 tickets.


Meet for this workshop in the Harley Gallery.